I liked the idea of taking an idea with negative connotations and transforming it into the opposite -- Cryptids (creatures that may or may not exist, and are based on pseudoscience) are linked with things like horror, mysteriousness, terror, and even death. I redefined their identities and gave them each their own unique friendly personalities, along with relatable characteristics that humanize these beings that aren't human at all. I took 6 of the more famous cryptids (Mothman, Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, Aliens, The Kraken, and Nightcrawlers) and made them into a sociable friend group that partake in things that many of us do today, like social media, astrology, hobbies, etc. The result is a booklet that is theoretically made and written by these creatures, meant to be read by humans in hopes of resolving mankind's lasting desire for understanding/discovering these beings.