When I was 18 years old, my uncle passed away. He suffered from acute myeloid leukemia for 6 months. When he was diagnosed, it was too late. The affected white blood cells already spreaded out all over the blood. I was studying in Ireland at that time away from my family due to study. I did not know that he passed away until his funeral was over because my parents were worried about me. Me and my uncle had a lot of good memories and he especially took care of me because I was his first nephew. After he passed away, I had lots of thoughts about the blood and leukemia. For this time, aesthetic points of view and the other artistic thoughts were excluded. Purely this project is about my thoughts on blood and leukemia. This project dedicates to my beloved uncle who loved me from the bottom of his heart. You would be proud how me and my younger brother are doing. I am almost your age when you were diagnosed.