The subject being explored in my thesis project is how books can benefit readers by transporting their minds to different times, places, and alternate realities. The visual concept is a person stepping through the pages of a book and experiencing another world. Water World is the name of the book and once a viewer steps inside they will experience how I imagine what this world would be like. There are two main parts of this interactive installation. First is the book door, which the viewer will open and walk through into a canopy tent. Next the viewer will be engulfed in a space with lights and various green and blue fabrics surrounding them. While in this water world they will hear my voice reading book quotes and poems that feature watery scenes over top of ocean and rain sounds. This project will hopefully be impactful on its audience by giving them an experience that informs or reminds them how reading benefits us by giving us a chance to escape reality for a little while. From this project and exhibition viewers should take away a memorable experience.