Following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump defended the use of the terms: “Chinese Virus,” “China virus,” and “Kung-flu”, ignored backlash, and claimed that it was not racist at all. These terms have not only angered Asian-American leaders, but have led to an increase in hate crimes and xenophobic attacks targeting the Asian American community. Incidents include being told rude remarks to go back to China, blamed for being the origin of the virus, and being physically assaulted due to the spread of misinformation. Social media campaigns have launched, online incident reports have been created and hotlines have been implemented by local governments to combat racism and xenophobia. This research-driven project includes extensive analysis on the origins of the coronavirus, referencing statistical studies of discrimination towards Asian-Americans, screenshots of social media posts related to misinformation about COVID-19, and personal responses from interviews of what it is like to be Asian-American amid this global pandemic. My work explores how cultural identity impacts one to question their origins, both from a cultural and political viewpoint. I hope that this project empowers the Asian-American community to share their stories and speak out against racial injustice.