The degree project is about to create a branding and web design for a store named ‘The SniffSniff Store’. It is an abstract store with full imagination that is selling scent and memory. Smell is one of our most sensitive senses and is most closely related to our memories and feelings. It plays such an important role in our brain. Different smells can bring you back to distant memories, change our emotions, and even help you connect with those you love. Therefore, when we experience a scent that is stored in our memory, our brain tends to associate it with certain memories, and the emotions involved with them. The way SniffSniff's operating is to shop, to create, to share the most unique and memorable scents in people’s minds. When shopping for a particular scent at the store, you can also get the personal memories/stories behind it. There are 6 Basic Emotional Reactions to Scent due to study. Based on that the store labeled the scents in six types of emotions with different representative colors and shapes. You can find it here: https://www.thesniffsniff.com/)